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5 October – Invitation to bowl with Past Presidents

All bowlers are invited to bowl with the Past Presidents Association. They will be meeting at Sorell on Friday 5 October.  They will host a bowls match (9.30am for a 10am start) followed by lunch. There are prizes for winning and raffles. Cost is $15 per person.  ALL BOWLERS ARE WELCOME.

6 October – Special General meeting

A Special General Meeting will be held on 6 October from 12.30pm to discuss the following matters:

  • Accept amended auditors report
  • Accept amended financial statements
  • Community membership
  • Men’s and Women’s Championships – Fours and Triples

Saturday pennant

Saturday pennant starts on 20 October.  Three practice days have been scheduled:

  • 22 September (before opening day ceremony)
  • 6 October (to be followed by a Special General meeting)
  • 13 October (we’re trying for a game at Rosny – will advise at 6 October practice).

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