About the Sorell Bowls Club

The Sorell Bowls Club was founded in 1964. Our first president was Mr T. Lipscombe, who served for three seasons. Our first patron was Mr B.L. Ralph. The club is governed by its constitution.

We were the 17th club to be affiliated within the Southern Tasmanian Bowls Association (STBA) in 1968-69 (the same year as Rodman’s). Our first wins saw our Division 6 men’s team win the STBA flag in the 1969-70 season – they went on to win the state flag as well – and our Division 4 ladies win the TWBA flag in 1971-72.

In 2012-13, our ladies Division 2 team won the pennant and were promoted to Division 1, and our Indoor Division 2 team won their flag and the state final.

In 2013-14, our men’s Division 4 midweek team won the pennant and were promoted to Division 3.

In 2014-15, we had several winning divisions:

  • Saturday Division 1 – won the pennant and the state final and were promoted to Premier Division
  • Saturday Division 5 – won the pennant and were promoted to Division 4
  • Midweek Division 2 – won the pennant and were promoted to Division 1
  • Ladies Division 5 – finished top of the ladder and were promoted to Division 4