AGM postponed

7 Jun

The Annual General Meeting that was scheduled to be held on 20 June 2020 has, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, been proposed until Saturday 18 July 2020. The meeting will get underway at 10.00am sharp.

All positions will be vacated and written nominations will be tabled to fill board and committee positions. If there are insufficient written nominations to fill the positions, nominations will be called from the floor. Written nominations must received by the Secretary by the 5th July 2020.

Several positions will not be filled by the current incumbents so all members are asked to help fill these positions.

Remember – It’s our club so we are all responsible to make sure we keep moving forward.

If there are any topics that need to be discussed at the AGM they need to be sent to the Secretary by the 5th July 2020 for inclusion on the Agenda of the meeting. Remember that only topics on the Agenda can be discussed at the AGM.

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