Bar Safety Protocol (DRAFT)

13 Jun

This is a DRAFT protocol for the guidance of bar staff in the conduct of their duties and their safety within and outside the club.

Remember: Only authorised people are allowed inside the bar area.  They are:

  • Members of the Board of Management who are allowed in the store area only but not behind the bar.
  • RSA-qualified bar staff who are allowed in all areas behind the bar.
  • Trainee bar staff (who must be accompanied by an RSA member at all times)

Bar employees and volunteers

When undertaking bar duties ensure the bar door is closed and locked when working behind the bar for security purposes.

When not undertaking bar duties:

  • When the bar is unattended ensure the bar door is closed and locked, and shutters are pulled down and secured.
  • During pennant, ensure the north door (main entrance) is locked when the bar is unattended and all members are outside playing.

Visitors to the club

Visitors to the club must sign the visitors’ book.  The exceptions to this are:

  • Visiting pennant teams – the match sheet will suffice to record attendance by non-club members.
  • Players in organised events – the entry sheet will suffice to record attendance by non-club members.

Do not serve visitors to the club if they have not signed the visitors’ book as this will constitute a breach of our liquor licence.


If under physical duress, endeavour to press the red duress button midway along, and underneath, the bar.  This is linked directly to Tasmania Police.  Do so only if it is safe.  Even though the alarm is silent, do not let the perpetrator see you press it.

Under no circumstances should physical resistance or aggression be offered to a person who is attempting to rob the bar or who is threatening bar staff.

Poor or unruly behaviour

If you are being verbally abused by visiting players, close the bar and seek out the Match Manager.  Wait until the visiting Match Manager is called and then explain the situation to both.  Deal with the facts only – do not embellish the facts with personal observations about the person causing trouble.

Record what occurred as soon as possible on an Incident Report Form and hand it to our Match Manager.

In extreme cases, such as being alone in the club with the abusive person, activate the airhorn/blaster beside the till to attract the attention of people on the green.


Plan your closing time while there are still members present at the bar.  Ask them to wait while you lock up so that you do not have to do so alone.  Calling “time” will assist in planning for bar closure.

If you are by yourself when locking up, lock all club doors first. Then:

  • Lock away the till.
  • Make a note of any monies transferred from the “Activity” till to the safe.
  • Restock fridges (optional)
  • Set the bar alarm
  • Turn off heaters and lights

It is not your responsibility to ensure green access gates are locked but if you can arrange with a member to have this done, do so.


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