Duties of the Duty Rink

24 Nov

Before the game

  • Hoist flags (three)
  • Place the following on rinks that will be in play:
    • Mats (two)
    • Jack (one)
    • Hand sanitiser
  • Secure the bell to the wall
  • Place the water cup dispenser next to the water tap
  • Set up tables (if required)
  • Empty external rubbish bins
  • Open all gates
  • Reset all scoreboards to zero
  • Extend sun shades on northern end (for ladies play)

After the game

  • Pull down flags and return them to the shed
  • Collect mats and jacks and spray them with disinfectant
  • Place hand sanitiser in the basket with the jacks
  • Pick up loose rubbish (including from rink bricks) and put it in a bin
  • Collect the water cup dispenser and return it to the kitchen
  • Put the bell back in the office