Farmers Day 2018 results

12 Feb

Farmers Day 2018 has been and gone. We had 18 teams entered from various clubs and make-up teams.  The competition was played in two sections with a superb rissole lunch (with thanks Shirley, Gwen and crew) between the three games. Marion again ran the event and Peter kept the bar running.  A lot of people put in a big effort to make the day a success and we are very grateful for the support of the visitors to our club.

The winners of each section played off for first and second, and the runners-up in each section played off for third.  A count-back between three teams was required for the early section.

First place: Paul Snare (skip), Chris Smith, Tom McVey and Peter Coyle defeated …
Second place: Paul Matthews (skip), Graham Treweek, Kathy Matthews and Teresa Direen

Third place: Darrell Hope (skip), Glenn Petrie, David Long and Barbara Walker defeated …
Fourth place: Sally Giblin (skip), Geoff Giblin and two friends