Green and Gardens Committee charter

30 Nov

The Board of Management will establish, in accordance with the constitution, a Green and Gardens Committee within the club:  This committee will have responsibility for managing and coordinating all building surrounds, gardens and the playing green.  They should liaise closely with the Building and Works Committee as required.

The Green Keeper will chair the Green and Gardens Committee.

In accordance with the constitution, the President and Secretary are ex-officio members of all committees.  Either or both can/should be called upon to assist with decision-making if required.

The Green and Gardens Committee must:

  • Ensure the playing surface (green) is maintained in good order.
  • Ensure the hedges and gardens are kept neat and under control.
  • Ensure the equipment contained within out-buildings is maintained in good order.
  • Report any matter of interest or concern to the Board as soon as it becomes apparent.
  • Obtain Board of Management approval for decisions that change/set club policy.

The Green and Gardens Committee should:

  • Conduct regular inspections to identify/remediate areas of concern or risk.
  • Seek the advice of experts (both within and external to the club) as required to ensure safety within the club grounds is maintained.
  • Liaise with the Building and Works Committee as required.
  • Meet regularly to ensure plans continue to align with changing circumstances.
  • Keep minutes of meetings held to determine club policy or direction.

In terms of administration, this committee must:

  • Request assistance/action to be taken by the Board or Secretary in writing.
  • Provide reports and/or advice to the Board of Management in writing (electronic or paper).
  • Provide the Secretary with a copy of minutes, if kept, as soon as practicable.
  • Provide the Secretary with copies (or originals) of incoming and outgoing correspondence as soon as practicable.