Committees and appointments

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Public OfficerJohn Scott
BAS AgentTony Brello
AuditorJohn Hamilton
PatronsMichael Seabourne
Rebecca White MP
Mark Shelton MP
Club Match CommitteeMarion Florence
Ladies Match CommitteeFaye Gardner, Vicki Philp and Beth Connell
Men’s Match CommitteeNeil Winthrop and John Scott
Men’s Midweek Selector(s)To be decided during pre-season practice
Ladies Selection CommitteeChair – Faye Gardner
Div 1 – Vicki Philp and Vicky Wakefield
Div 4 – Chris Marsh and June Kelly
Saturday Selection CommitteeChair – Paul Matthews
Div 1 – Tom McVey and Tony McCulloch
Div 4 – To be decided during pre-season practice
Bar ManagerPeter Self
GreenkeeperRoss Bannister