2021 Annual General Meeting

10 Apr


It is that time of year again when we need to think about the upcoming AGM. It will be held at the clubroom on the 5th June 2021. All positions will once again be vacant so if you wish to be involved in the administration of our club or any other position that will be vacated, fill in a nomination form and have it signed and place it in the Suggestion Box. All written nominations close on the 22nd May 2021. If there are not sufficient written nominations to fill all positions, nominations will be called from the floor at the AGM.

If there are any items that you wish to include to the nominated topics list for the AGM, write them down and pass them onto the Secretary or place them in the suggestion box. All nominated topics must be received by the 22nd May 2021. Remember to place your name on any topics you wish to discuss so we know who we can refer any discussion points to, as well as being able to speak on behalf the of topic at the AGM.

Club presentations will be done at the completion of the AGM so come along to either receive your awards or just support our members who have.

At this stage it is planned to have lunch and a roll after the AGM so it would appreciated if members could bring along a plate(with something on it) to share for lunch.

Whilst I will be away on the mainland at the time of the AGM, I hope have a Skype link so I will be able to attend as well, so I hope to see everybody there.

Good Bowling

John Scott

10/ 4/ 21